TEIYU GOTO                                                                                                               BORN in 1953

                                                                                                                                   Kyoto, Japan 



Kanazawa College of Art: Department of Industrial Arts                                           March 1977

         Major: Industrial Design                                                                                                    Ishikawa, Japan


Sony Corporation:                                                                             April 1977-May 2009

                                          Tokyo, Japan 

         Design Studio, Audio Business Dept.                                                              April 1977

         General Audio Group of Design Studio, Design Dept.                                  April 1980

         Development Group of Div. 1 Products Planning Center                              February 1981

         Transferred to Design Center, Sony Corporation of America                     December 1982

         Returned to head office in Tokyo.                                                              February 1986

         TV Group of Design Center, Product Dept.                                February 1986

         *Appointed as Art Director.                                                              April 1990

         New Business Group, Merchandising Center                                         January 1993

         Advanced Design Group, Corporate Design Center                                       April 1994

         SD Studio, Corporate Design Center                                                    April 1995

         IT Group of Creative Development Div., Creative Center                                  April 1997

         IT Group of Interaction Design Div., Creative Center                                      April 1998

         *Appointed as Chief Art Director.                                                April 1998

         Value Design Center                                                               August 1999

         G Project Studio of Sony Dream Laboratories, Global Hub                             July 2002

         GP Studio, Creative Center (newly-established)                                        April 2004

         *Appointed as Chief Creative Director.                                          April 2005

         *Appointed as Master Designer of Creative Center.                                   April 2007

Teiyu Goto, Inc.:                                                                                      July 2009-present 

                                     Tokyo, Japan

         Founder, President & CEO

Good Design Award:


         Jury                                                                                                     May 2010-November 2012