Responsible for audio device design.                                                              April 1977-January 1981

     EZ Alarm (ICF-C55) , digital clock radio              

                           Invented and implemented separate hour and minute dials for easy timer setting.

     Energy 99 (CFS-99) , stereo radio cassette                

                           World’s largest-class radio cassette

Responsible for R&D device design.                                                              February 1981-November 1982

     CCD video camera (CCD-G5)

                            First-ever CCD video camera for consumers. Featured single lens reflex camera-like design.

Responsible for TV / rear projector design for US market at Sony USA.             

                                                                                                                                 December 1982-January 1986

Responsible for TV / monitor device design.                                                     February 1986-December 1992

     PROFEEL BASIC (KV-19HT1), color TV 


   PROFEEL STAR (KV-34FV1), color TV                   

                           High-end TV with flash surface design

     KIRARA BASSO (KV-29ST1), color TV                 

                           Flat screen TV, as rival to Matsushita’s “Gao”

                           Received good reputation for its compact and high-end design.

Responsible for new business category design.                                                                January 1993-May 1996

Appointed as a start-up project member for Sony computer entertainment system.

     PlayStation (SCPH-1000), game console 


Received high acclaim from the various users for its controller design.

Responsible for new business category design.                                                         June 1996-December 1998

Appointed as a start-up project member for Sony Windows computer and responsible for the brand concept, naming, logo design, and  product design.

     VAIO logo design

     VAIO Tower (PCV-T700MR, CPD-220VS), mini tower computer

     VAIO Note 707 (PCG-707), 12.1 inch notebook computer

     VAIO Note 505 (PCG-505), 10.4 inch notebook computer     

              Exploded in popularity, received high acclaim for its design, and set off a trend in silver colored

              laptop computer.

Responsible for new business category design.                                                         December 1997-June 2003

       PocketStation (SCPH-4000) , miniature PDA   


     PocketStation logo and OSD design

     PlayStation 2 (SCPH-10000), computer entertainment system       

              Design concept: transmitting toward the dark outer space (meaning “infinity”) from our water

              planet that is full of intelligence.

     PlayStation 2 logo design         
    PS one (SCPH-100), PlayStation’s successor

     PS one logo design

     LCD monitor for PS one (SCPH-130)

              Peripherals for PlayStation 2

     UMD (Universal Media Disc) design for PlayStation Portable handheld entertainment system.


     UMD logo design    


Responsible for new business category design.                                                            July 2003-September 2003

    SERENDIPITY logo design, Sony Plaza's mega store

Responsible for new business category design.                                                                   May 2003-March 2007


     New PlayStation 2 (SCPH-70000)                                       

               Announcement of final UMD disc design       

     Announcement of PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system at E3


    PLAYSTATION 3 logo design

     PLAYSTATION 3 (CECHA00, CECHB00) launch

    PLAYSTATION 3 (CECHH00) launch      

    PLAYSTATION 3 (CECHL00) launch

Responsible for master design to improve Sony design quality                                 April 2007-December 2008  


Promoted company-wide 3D business.

     Newly-developed see-through HMD (Head Mounted Display) design 


   Announcement of see-through HMD during Sony Chairman Howard Stringer’s keynote address at

                CES 2009